Chibi Aliens



There are four aliens in Chibi-Robo!. They are aesthetically similar to Chibi-Robo except they are shaded blue, shinier, rounder (on the edges), and have red glowing eyes. Right before they are levitated back into their UFO at the end of story mode (when Giga-Robo and Chibi-Robo get infinite power for their batteries), they seem to morph into black octopus/spider-looking aliens--possibly their true forms. It is unknown what planet they are from. They are known to create time machines and balls of light that can make any wish come true. Their extremely quiet voices can only be understood with an Alien Ear Chip.

Aliens' constant complaints regarding Earth's air quality and longing for their home planet did not appear to translate to any specific task for Chibo-Robo. Aliens have a tendency to overheat (reacting to the bad air?) and need to be cooled down by the appropriate amount of water. Although at one time this heating problem seemed to be fixed by Drake Redcrest's blizzard attack, aliens will return to their previous/original state in continuing gameplay.

Everything in the UFO appears to be operated by using Chibi-Blaster (often a charged up shot is required).


Titan is the medium sized Alien of the bunch. He/She/They are the alien emissary, the leader. Not much else is known about this particular alien.


Io is the largest Alien of the bunch. Not much is known about this particular alien.


Ganymede is the tallest and thinnest alien of the bunch. Not much is known about this particular alien.

Little BangEdit

Little Bang is the smallest alien of the bunch. Not much is known about the particular alien.

Trivia and Goofs Edit

  • "Titan" is one of Saturn's moons.
  • "Io" and "Ganamede" are two of Jupiter's "Galilean" moons.
  • "Little Bang" is a pun on the Big Bang Theory of the Universe's creation. Since he is the smallest alien, he was named "Little Bang.