The Bird is a animal in Chibi-Robo! who lives on top of the tree in the Backyard. When he is woken up by Chibi-Robo after being sprayed with water, he is thankful due to the fact that he almost missed his date with his girlfriend named Polly, who doesn't appear and is only mentioned. He later returns to his nest and is hungry for Cookie Crumbs, so Chibi-Robo must feed him in order for the bird to leave. After eating he loses his voice and wants nectar to clear it out. Once nectar is given, his last favor is for a Eggplant which Chibi-Robo must get from Kid Eggplant. After he eats the eggplant he leaves the nest and isn't seen again. Chibi-Robo then receives the Bird Sticker.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bird is the only character who reacts if shot with the Chibi-Blaster, he will become angry and poop on Chibi-Robo. The other characters show no reaction.

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