Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder)

The Curator's Chibi-Robo is the main protagonist of Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder. He is a Chibi-Robo owned by Curator.


This Chibi-Robo is owned by the Curator. He serves the Curator by helping his NostalJunk museum grow by collecting NostalJunk in the past.

Just like other Chibi-Robos, he is a cleaning robot by standard.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The design of this Chibi-Robo is not too different from the first two. His eyes are slightly smaller than the Chibi-Robo representing the first game. His plug is less round, lacking the small rings near the cord. The main design of the plug has more rectangular edges. The cord is thicker. His cap is slightly larger. His legs are closer to the middle. His signs are a green circle with white outlining, and a red 'X' with white outlining as well.


As a Chibi-Robo, he serves the Curator as he was built by Citrusoft to make people happy. Chibi-Robo cannot talk, but has "yes" and "no" signs built in him so he can answer certain questions, and also interact with characters in different ways. This Chibi-Robo is a very busy one, as he does work for the Curator and many others characters.


  • He is the only Chibi-Robo who was not included with a Chibi-House.

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