The Drake Redcrest Suit is a suit in Chibi-Robo!. It was given to Chibi-Robo by Drake Redcrest.The Drake Redcrest suit can be unlocked on the first night in the game, if you agree to join Drake Redcrest in the fight against evil. after a short tutorial on how to use the suit and poses Drake gives you the suit. The Drake Redcrest suit's pose is a smaller version of Drake Redcrest's signature pose only without the confetti and the large booming sound. The suit is uses many times in the game, if you pose next to Mr. Sanderson he'll give you 19 Happy Points and say that he wants a suit too, even though Mrs. Sanderson says he owns one but isn't seen in the game. If you pose in the suit next to Sophie at the beginning of the game she'll faint and think you're Drake Redcrest for a short time then she'll figure out it Chibi-Robo. The suit is uses again to teach one of Funky Phil's children, Freaky Phil, the Drake Redcrest pose for Funky's second song Drake Redcrest Forever. Sometimes wearing the suit or posing is the only way to speak to Redcrest during certain parts of the game. The last important time the suit is used is to use The Great Twin Blizzard to "defeat" the evil aliens, which are actually nice and only to get rid of the fevers.