Freaky Phil is one of Funky Phil's children who is different from the others. Unlike his siblings, who are yellow and purple, Freaky Phil is red and blue, he can't appear to talk normally, as he has a scratchy voice and often repeats the word "gebah", and is also shown to be slightly bigger than the others. At night while the other phillies sleep, Freaky Phil heads off alone, trying to practice the Drake Redcrest pose. Dinah has a lot of respect for his trying, and eventually Chibi-Robo teaches him the pose. After he learns the pose, he heads to Funky Phil, only to realize that Funky Phil is dead making Freaky Phil depressed. After Chibi-Robo gives all the blocks to Dinah, she begins a memorial where Freaky Phil begins the dance, where he stands on the top of the stage. The next day where Dinah and the phillies say good-bye to Funky Phil, Freaky Phil is told to give flowers to Funky Phil, but he shows to be reluctant due to not wanting to let his father go, but after some encouragement by Dinah, he gives the flowers to his father, where Funky Phil comes to life, shocking everybody. Freaky Phil is sometimes shown to be the leader of his siblings, as he leads the dance during the memorial, and has shown more personality then his siblings. Dinah often gives him the nickname "Shorty".

Personality Edit

Freaky Phil probably likes spending more time practicing then the others. He appears to be closer to Funky Phil than the other Phillies. He acts as somewhat of a leader to his siblings.

Description Edit

Freaky Phil is taller than the other Phillies and has a red and blue color scheme.

Trivia Edit

  • Freaky Phil is the only character to look different from his own kind, he was born with some defect in his color.
  • Freaky Phil is the youngest Philly.
  • He is actually the cause of why Funky Phil got switched off, as when he went to show Funky Phil his pose, he tripped over and accidently pressed Funky Phil's switch and was unaware of it.
  • Freaky Phil only talks normally once, he talks during the concert, but most of the time he has problems talking normally.
  • Funky Phil doesn't seem to have any care that Freaky Phil is different, and appears to worry about him. This happened when Freaky Phil ran off, although Funky Phil admitted that he was harder on Freaky Phil during practice.

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