The Frog Suit is a suit in Chibi-Robo!. It allows Chibi-Robo to talk to most animals.

The suit is obtained by squirting water three times on Frieda. After Realizing that Frieda couldn't speak with Chibi-Robo she gave him the frog suit. She then tells chibi-Robo to find her lost boyfriend located in the sandersons' bedroom. After Frieda's boyfriend recovers Frieda asks Chibi-Robo to perform the rain dance so that the Frogs don't dry up again, after posing three times correctly it begins to rain and the frog sticker is earned. The frog suit allows Chibi-Robo to speack with any animal in the house(only Tao, the frogs ,and the bluebird). The Frog suit's pose is hopping like a frog and having a music note come out of Chibi-Robo. The suit also allows Chibi-Robo to speak to jenny who normally says ribbit followed by one or two words.


  • The frog suit was an item in Super Mario Bros. 3 that allowed swimming more persicely, and this one is very similar in apearence to that one, but not in gameplay.

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