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Fred and Freida are two frogs who both were near death in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! You must wear the Frog Suit to talk with them. Freida was seen in the backyard and was dehydrated from a lack of water. Chibi-Robo must use the squirter with water in it in order to help Freida. Once Freida is helped, she asks Chibi-Robo to find her boyfreind Fred. Fred is found in the Bedroom where Dinah had attacked him. After Chibi-robo encounters Dinah, he takes Fred back to Freida who is quite angry at him for not listening to her and leaving her, she evenutally takes him, saying she is gonna make Fred pay, much to Fred's dismay. Later Chibi-Robo must help the frogs with a rain ritual to prevent them from drying up. after the rain ritual, they will reward you with a sticker.

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