Funky phil
Funky Phil is a toy in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure!. He is a flower that likes to dance. Dinah is in love with him. When you first meet him he is trapped in the blinds in the bedroom. Chibi-Robo must free him where you get to see his moves. A seed falls from Funky Phil that Chibi-Robo has plant the seed in a garden box in the bedroom. After you plant it and squirt it with Funky Sweat, three Phillies appear. Once you give them to Phil, they call him their father which he doesn't believe he is (even though he is), they become depressed for a short moment until Phil said he will teach them to dance, they become excited and call him their father again, this is when Phil will ask for the Drake Redcrest wax. Once you give it to him, he and his children will perform. After they are done, he drops another seed, go plant it again and three more Philles will appear. One of them is different from the others and is called Freaky Phil. Later after Mrs. Sanderson locks herself, Freaky Phil starts dancing alone, this is where you do the Drake Redcrest pose, he will go off and do the pose in front of Funky Phil, but he doesn't move and appears to be dead. Dinah and the Phillies try to get Phil to move, but nothing works. After you give all blocks to Dinah, she starts a memorial for Phil, come back the next day, where a funeral for Phil is hosted. Freaky Phil gives flowers to Funky Phil where he suddenly comes back to life, where Dinah finds out that his switch caused him to turn off, after this you will get the Funky Phil and the Dinah stickers.

Personality Edit

Funky Phil is an optimistic character, often on the happy side of things. He loves to dance, and will do so to achieve a career. He always practices, showing that he clearly desires his dream. Sometimes, he may act confused and not know what to say at times. He cares for the Phillies, and wants them to pursue the dancing dream too.

Physical Description Edit

Funky Phil resembles a flower, his colors are pink, blue, and yellow.

Trivia Edit

  • Funky Phil, Mort and Princess Pitts are the only toys to have children.
  • Funky Phil can hop to get around, due to his lack of legs.
  • Despite being male he somehow can produce seeds, it could be possible that his kind is asexual due to him and his kids being possibly all male.
  • Telly and Funky Phil both share an interest in music, and are even shown to have done a concert together.
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