Kid Kombo becomes a Good Friend after completing all his dance classes.

"Good Friends" are a mechanic explored in Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure , but more utilized in Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol . This article focuses on its use in Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol.

Obtaining "Good Friend" StatusEdit

Each Toy that exists in the City can become a Good Friend. This is triggered by using a Toy for Park Projects a certain number of times while having another Toy known to it. For example, Francois cannot become Chibi-Robo's "Good Friend" unless Molly Mapleleaf has been met, as it requires a cutscene where the two interact.


A Toy becoming Chibi's "Good Friend" increases the toy's skills (Lower pricing for Park Projects) and allows the toy to complete more Park Projects before Running out of Juice. In addition, each Good Friend you obtain allows the erection of a statue in their image, as a Park Project. Each statue attracts 10 extra visitors, but you can only have 1 up at a time.


In order for certain characters to become a "Good Friend", certain other characters must exist to trigger a cutscene. Their synergies are as follows (Warning: Spoilers)

  • In order for Francois to become free of his strings, Molly Mapleleaf must first be met.
  • In order for Chassy to become the Chassy GT, Kid Kombo must have been talked to at least once.
  • In order for Molly Mapleleaf to become a real tree, Francois must first have been met.
  • In order for Pop to realize that he misses Fizz, Tampa must have first been met.
  • In order for Tampa to fulfill his fresh start, Chassy must have first been met.
  • In order for Bull to regain his colors, Pop and Fizz must be together AND Kid Kombo must have been talked to at least once.