The sprouts are small dancing flowers who are the children of Funky Phil, there are six of them. Funky Phil doesn't think he is their father, due to being unaware of dropping them when they were seeds, but it comes clear that he is their father. When he denied being their father, the phillies are depress for a moment until Funky Phil decides to teach them how to dance. After Funky Phil has appeared to have died, Dinah ends up taking care of them as their mom. After a memorial, the phillies and Dinah find out that Funky Phil is alive, by noticing his switch has turned him off. One of the phillies is different from the others, and is called Freaky Phil.

Trivia Edit

  • There are six Phillies
  • The Phillies, Mini Mort, and Lil Pitts are the only toys to be children while the rest are adults.

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