Pop on left, Fizz on right.

Pop and Fizz are characters from Chibi Robo: Park Patrol. They are mascots of the drink Pop Fizz Soda. They usually argue and slap each other. The two are color swaps of each other. They ride on snowboards.

They also appear on an empty can of Pop Fizz Soda in Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder.


When Chibi-Robo first meets Pop and Fizz, they are by the flower shop where they are jumping over cans together. Then, Sergeant Smogglor shoots them. After Chibi Robo charges them up they thank him and are for ready for work. After they are worn down for the first time, Chibi Robo brings them back to life. Then they get in a huge arguement of who's name should come first, Pop, or Fizz. After that, they break up and only Pop can get back to work. After overworking Pop, he will realize that he misses Fizz. Finally they get back together again and become your good friends. You will earn 100 Happy Points, the Pop-fizz sticker and statue to put in your park