Posing is taught to Chibi-Robo by Drake Redcrest in Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure in the Drake Suit. It drains about 30 Watts and can be done in any Suit .

How to PoseEdit

By pressing Z while wearing a Suit, Chibi-Robo can strike a pose depending on the Suit he is wearing. For example, Chibi-Robo's pose in the Tao Suit consists of him opening his head up and mimicing a dog's bark.

All characters will react differently to each suit, and posing in some suits to certain characters can start or advance sidequests, making it a good idea to try out poses to everyone (Keeping in mind, of course, the power cost for each pose.)

List of PosesEdit

Drake Redcrest Suit: Chibi-Robo strikes a heroic pose very similar to Drake Redcrest's "Justice" pose.

Trauma Suit: Chibi-Robo falls on the ground and lays there, motionless.

Ghost Suit: Chibi-Robo sticks his "tongue" out and blue spirits circle around his head.

Tao Suit: Chibi-Robo's head opens up and he mimics a dog barking.

Frog Suit: Chibi-Robo makes a "ribbit" noise.

Pajamas: Chibi-Robo falls asleep on the ground and the day (or night) ends immediately.

Super Chibi-Robo Suit: Chibi-Robo reaches his hand up in the air and slowly rotates.

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