The Sandersons is the family in the original Chibi Robo game. They consist of: Mr. Sanderson, a toy loving adult, Mrs. Sanderson, a concerned mother, and Jenny, a young girl who had been cursed by the "Evil Frog Wizard", who you can talk to if you get the Frog Suit. They also have a dog, named Tao, who you can talk to if you get the Tao suit.

The Sandersons' Chibi-RoboEdit

On Jenny Sanderson's eight birthday, Mr. Sanderson decides to get her a small robot named Chibi-Robo. Mrs. Sanderson, his wife, is mad at him since they are in massive debt from the original robot from the same company named Citrusoft, Giga-Robo. This Chibi-Robo will soon meet all of the toys in the Sanderson house, most notably Drake Redcrest, the Free Rangers, Plankbeard and Sunshine, the teddy bear that belongs to Jenny.

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