Silhouette Films

A silhouette film is an essential object used in Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder.


Silhouette films are devices used in capturing NostalJunk in the past. They appear as flat, small, rigid and film like and displays an outline picture of the object. Silhouette films comes in three colors: blue for common objects, green for uncommon ones, and red for extremely rare ones.

Silhouette films are placed in the Chibi-PC to activate. It will then display through the player's Nintendo 3DS camera and show the outline of the picture. In this part, the player must find an object that matches the silhouette film's outline and align it as accurately as possible. Once positioned, the picture can then be taken by pressing the A, L, or R buttons.

The Chibi-PC then evaluates the accuracy percentage of the picture with the outline. Accuracy percentage is affected by light and background. If the picture is under 60%, then the picture must be retaken. If all ten tries are all used up, then the silhouette film will be lost.

Once the picture reaches at least 60% accuracy, the NostalJunk will be fully identified and the player may chose to collect it or retake the picture. Choosing the retake the picture will count as a used try. When decided to collect the NostalJunk, Chibi-Robo will be transported to the real world to collect it.

More silhouette film can be purchased Chibi-PC's shop. They require Happy Points to purchase and they are dispensed at a Silhouette Printer. Available silhouette film on the shop remain anonymous unless a NostalJunk is collected with it. They can also be obtained by collecting 9 NostalDuds or sending 10 Stamps to Citrusoft. In the demo version, they are obtained from the recycling machine.

List of silhouette filmsEdit

List of Shilouette Films
No. Name Commemorative Picture Cost Rarity
1 Button 20 HP Blue
2 Outlet 20 HP Blue
3 Book 30 HP Blue
4 Can 30 HP Blue
5 Paper Roll 30 HP Blue
6 Drink Cup 30 HP Blue
7 CD 40 HP Blue
8 T-Shirt 40 HP Blue
9 Milk Carton 30 HP Blue
10 Tea Bag 35 HP Blue
11 Sushi 35 HP Blue
12 Glove 40 HP Blue
13 Egg 30 HP Blue
14 Instant Noodles 40 HP Blue
15 Tote Bag 45 HP Blue
16 Mug 50 HP Blue
17 Table-Tennis Bat 35 HP Blue
18 Slipper 40 HP Blue
19 Baseball Cap 45 HP Blue
20 Rolling Pin 50 HP Blue
21 3DS Game Case 50 HP Blue
22 Football 50 HP Blue
23 Nintendo 3DS 50 HP Blue
24 Wii Remote 50 HP Blue
25 Game Boy 100 HP Green
26 GBA SP 100 HP Green
27 GameCube 100 HP Green
28 Wii U GamePad 100 HP Green
29 Vending Machine 150 HP Green
30 Road Sign 150 HP Green
31 Building 150 HP Green
32 Airplane 150 HP Green
33 Cube 200 HP Red
34 Car 200 HP Red
35 Pizza 200 HP Red
36 Robot 200 HP Red
37 Mask 200 HP Red
38 Chibi-Robo* None Gray
39 ??? ??? HP
40 ??? ??? HP
41 Medal None Gray

* = Obtained by acquiring all bronze trophies.

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