The Squirter is a tool in the series.



Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! Edit

You first find it in Jenny's room. Go to the table in the center of the room and climb up the pink purse strap. The squirter is right there. It can draw up liquids, such as nectar and water. You can draw nectar from the nectar flowers in the bedroom, or the backyard. You can find water from the floor. You can spray liquid on characters to see their reactions. You can let air from it, and characters will react. You have a limited amount of liquid to spray. When sprayed, you can hear a guitar strumming, similar to the toothbrush. The squirter bears a syringe-like appearance, because it is from Jenny's doctor toy set.

Chibi-Robo! Park-Patrol Edit

The sqirter is first seen in the office where Dr. Duke Harold is working in. You pick it up, and store it in Chibi-Robo's head. You can water flowers that are in soil and grass. You can also spray Smoglings, since water is their weakness. The amount of water is unlimited. You can hear a piano when squirting.

Welcome Home, Chibi Robo! Edit

The squirter returns in this game. You can water the flowers with it, similar to the previous game.