The Great Twin Blizzard is an "attack" in the game, Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure!. After Chibi-Robo has defeated the mother of all the Spydorz and beat the main storyline of the game, an event will occur in that Drake Redcrest insists that Chibi come and watch his show so that they may learn it, but it is too late as the move has already been performed (even so, Drake is still able to perform it later on). In the backyard at night, Chibi must talk to Drake whilst wearing the space hunter's outfit, and Drake will ask Chibi to come perform the "attack" with him to "defeat" (cure of fever, in actuality) the aliens lying on the ground. In order for the attack to work, it requires two space hunters to be of both in sync of mind and body and one of them has to gather energy for it. When done in correct timing, the energy from Drake's body will shoot to the sky and fall down as a ball of ice.