Chibi Robo character
The Sandersons' Chibi-Robo was a gift for Jenny on her birthday from her dad. It's first objective was to get a gift for Jenny. Mrs. Sanderson was angry at Mr. Sanderson for buying it since they were between jobs, and he only really wanted it for himself. It would soon find the Giga-Robo that was put away due to the bills. Not only it would fight the Spydorz but their Queen as well. After the Queen is finally destroyed you get three items: the last Frog Ring, Giga-Robo's left leg, and the Queen Spydor sticker. After Chibi-Robo Successfully reacvivated Giga-Robo he made his third wish, after once again realizing that the Chibi-Robos would result in another energy crisis Giga-Robo wished for an infinite battery supply, allowing him to function forever with any Chibi-Robo that plugs itself into Giga-Robo. Giga-Robo now lives peacefully with the Sanderson's, Chibi-Robo and all the toys that thank him for bringing them to life and every thing was back to normal.

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