This is about a same character's name, for information about him a big papa. see Giga-Robo.


The Sanderson's2


The Sandersons' bought a Giga-Robo for unknown reasons, and liked him very much. One day, when an alien ship was about to crash in the Sanderson's backyard, Giga-Robo caught the ship preventing the crash. In rejoice, the aliens decided to give Giga-Robo two wishes. Giga-Robo's first wish was to "give soul to toys". After realizing that Giga-Robo's energy consumption were way too high and nearly bankrupted the Sanderson's, Giga-Robo's second wish was for Giga-Robos around the world "Give body that does not need energy," but the aliens were out of wishes and they had to go get more. Giga-Robo then went to the basement where it ran out of power.

Many years later, when Chibi-Robo came, the aliens returned and said they they still wanted to thank Giga-Robo with his second wish. After Chibi-Robo successfully reactivated Giga-Robo, he made his wish. Giga-Robo now lives peacefully with the Sanderson's, Chibi-Robo and all the toys that thank him for bringing them to life.Giga-Robo without leg

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