The trashcan located in the Living Room.

A Trash Can is where trash can be thrown away. In Chibi-Robo, there are two trash cans. There's one in the Living Room and another in Jenny's Room, behind the door. All Chibi-Robo has to do to is to just throw the trash in the Trash Can. Chibi-Robo will earn Happy Points for doing such.

In Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol, it is a Utility. Chibi-Robo must throw non-recyclable items into the can marked with a crossed out recycling symbol and recyclable items into the can marked with a recycling symbol. If he does it correctly, Chibi-Robo will receive Happy Points, but if he doesn't he will receive nothing. The Cartridge for the Trash Can can be bought in the Chibi-PC for 500 Watts. Up to four can be put in the Park at a time.

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