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The Zapow! attack is one of Seargent Smogglor's signature moves that drains the power of normal toys that

Sgt. Smoggler using "SUPER ZAPPOW!" on Chibi Robo.

chibi robo has to recharge. Later in the game, Sergeant Smogglor uses the Zapow! attack on chibi robo but it has no effect. A little later, (after the first smogglob) The flowers start to sparkle which triggers Sergeant Smogglor to have a flashback of some sort. Then he starts to turn into Sergeant Greenthumb for a short time, only to find Misamo giving Sergeant Smogglor a "tune up" which enables him to use the SUPEREXTREMEZAPOW! He uses this attack on chibi to knock the gear out of him, and then sends out one to three smogglobs (depending on which part your on in the game).